Shannon School of Aeronautics

  • Private Pilot Training
    Private Pilot Training JLS Aviation instructors are all qualified to instruct students toward a private pilot certificate. .
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  • Instrument Training
    Instrument Training The Flight School offers training toward an instrument rating. Periodically we also offer instrument ground school instruction as well.
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  • Ground School
    Ground School The course is open to student pilots or anyone who is interested in learning more about aviation..
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Shannon School of Aeronautics

Shannon School of Aeronautics is a Flight School that operates at Shannon Airport in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The school's mission is to offer professional flight instruction for a variety of licenses, ratings and endorsements. To learn more about the flight school, skim through the web pages here and if you have any questions, please give us a call at 540-373-4431.

Shannon School of Aeronautics operates under a Flight School Certificate issued by the Virginia Department of Aviation. All the aircraft are maintained strictly in accordance with all FAA and manufacturers requirements. Each aircraft is inspected by an FAA licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technician after each 50 hours of operation, and undergoes a complete service after each 100 hours of operation. All aircraft are certified for operations in instrument conditions.

Shannon School of Aeronautics owns and operates a Redbird Advance Aviation Training Device. This flight simulator allows us to teach and evaluate VFR students under a variety of conditions for various contingencies that may not be duplicated in flight. It also allows us to teach almost all instrument tasks pursuant to instrument instruction, including currency requirements for pilots who hold an Instrument - Airplane rating.  We are now expanding the training available on the simulator to include training tasks for Private Pilot student.



Aerial Photography

Are you looking to photograph your home or some other site from the air?  SSA can conducts aerial photography flights for individuals or businesses. We can map out a flight that gives you the perfect vantage point for your photos!  Reach out today and let us know how we can help you complete your aerial photography mission!  

Ferry Flights

Have you purchased an aircraft that you are not yet qualified to fly? Do you need to ferry an aircraft but the quote you've received is cost-prohibitive? Our instructors are qualified in a variety of aircraft and we know many commercial pilots who could assist with your ferry needs. If you need an aircraft ferried, please give us a call and let us compete for your business.

Discovery Flight

Cessna AirplaneShannon School of Aeronautics offers gift certificates for an introductory flight in one of our aircraft for $150. They make a great gift either for yourself or someone else!  The flight is for one person and consists of a flight over the local area for about 35-40 minutes.

The flight is designed to provide someone who has never experienced flight in a small aircraft the opportunity to take the controls. It is perfect for someone who is considering flying lessons but hasn't ever flown in a small aircraft. An experienced instructor will walk you through a pre-flight inspection, engine starting and run-up, taxing, takeoff and flight. For most, the first flight is unforgettable, as it is truly a unique experience. Should you wish to purchase an introductory flight for yourself or someone else, call the Flight School at 540-373-4431 to either purchase a flight as a gift certificate or to sign up for a time to fly.