Shannon School of Aeronautics

Safety Reporting System

To be effective, SAFETY must be a component of every aspect of aviation. It directs how pilots, instructors, procedures and operations are conducted. Flight contains some element of risk, but that level of risk can be easily managed through thoughtful risk analysis. Prior to each flight, pilots are expected to conduct a risk assessment using the PAVE checklist in the context of the flight to be conducted.

PAVE includes an assessment of the the following:

P: the Pilot's physical and mental condition as well as the pilot's capabilities and proficiency.

A: the Aircraft's mechanical conditions as well as installed avionics and equipment

V: the flight enVironment, including weather conditions, terrain and day/night considerations.

E: any External pressures to complete the flight, such as passenger expectations, currency expiration and time constraints.

Pilots are reminded that JLS Aviation does NOT charge pilots for making a flight cancellation due to a reasonable risk assessment. In cases such as this, the pilot should contact the flight school by calling (540-370-7379) or (540-373-4431) PRIOR to the reservation time and providing a brief statement regarding the reason for not flying. For example, "Winds 330 at 20 knots, cancelling my flight in N61701."

Pilots are expected to mitigate risks where possible, then make a competent GO/NO GO decision based on a predetermined risk level. Relatively inexperienced pilots who are unsure of how to effectively assess the risk associated with any specific flight MUST contact a flight school instructor who will assist in the risk assessment process. JLS Aviation will NOT normally charge for reasonable assistance. The pilot should be prepared to explain the flight to be conducted and articulate risks and concerns. The instructor will offer suggestions and considerations, and often a reasoned recommendation concerning the conduct of the flight.


In addition to conducting a risk analysis for each flight, SAFETY concerns dictate that pilots must have a conduit to report safety concerns or perceived violations to someone who will act on the SAFETY aspect of the report. Consistent with that philosophy, and pilot who observes or perceives of a safety concern and would like to elevate the concern to the Flight School may complete the SAFETY REPORT FORM at the link attached. A pilot's name is NOT required and if provided, the pilot will not be penalized for reporting. The pilot will be contacted by the Chief Instructor regarding actions taken by the Flight School to address the problem.


To access the Safety Reporting Form click here.