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Sean Murray

Sean Murray

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I arrived late to aviation.  I was thirty-six years old and decided to change careers and become a professional pilot.  I took my training at ATP in Jacksonville, Fl.  I arrived the first week of May 2008 and completed the course the first week of February 2009.  Upon completion I had acquired both single and multi-engine instrument instructor licenses.

Due to the economic downturn beginning in 2008 I returned to Virginia to stay with family while beginning my job search.  While sending out resumes I decided I needed to fly occasionally to stay proficient.  I came to Shannon Airport and met with Jim Stover and found out he was in need of a flight instructor at JLS Aviation.  I was in luck.  I took the position and have now been at JLS for over seven years.

Over those seven years I have fallen in love with Shannon Airport and JLS.  I have been able to fly with many people and helped them achieve their goals in aviation, developing many lasting friendships along the way.   Professionally I was able to earn my Gold Seal as a CFI and am currently working on my ATP.

I look forward to many new flying adventures and continuing to help people achieve their flying goals.