Shannon School of Aeronautics

Cessna 152 (N67495)

N67495 is a 1979 Cessna 152


  • In addition to standard VFR equipment, this aircraft is equipped with the following:
    • Instrument back lighting for the standard 7 instruments
    • TAS bezel on the airspeed indicator
    • Digital Voltage display
    • Electronic ignition which assists in aircraft starting and fuel conservation
  • Avionics. This aircraft is admittedly a bit pimped out with respect to avionics. 
    • GNS-430W GPS, IFR certified
    • KX-165 radio with VOR and Glide Slope
    • GTX-330ES ADS-B In compliant transponder (displays traffic)
  • The aircraft interior has been largely redone with AirTex interiors seat covers and carpet
  • This is a stable, reliable aircraft comfortable for two average sized adults. The normal cruise speed is about 95 knots and fuel burn averages about 5.6 gallons per hour. At the price offered and for the avionics featured, it is one of the best C-152's you'll find for training and renting. The aircraft is often reserved due to the number of high school and college students who prefer to do their Private Pilot training in the most economical aircraft possible.



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