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Private Pilot Costs

The first question on everyone's mind seems to be "how much does it cost?" This page will provide specific aircraft costs some general estimates for course costs.


Aircraft rental costs have been fluctuating recently with the variable (and lately increasing) cost of aviation fuel. Be sure when you compare costs that you inquire about fuel surcharges. At JLS Aviation, we choose to provide aircraft costs inclusive of all charges. 


Aircraft Cost  Per  Hour Instructor GPS Installed
C-152    $115  $60   GNS-430W (IFR Certified)
C-172M    $134  $60   GNS-430W (IFR Certified)
C-172N    $134  $60   GNS-430W (IFR Certified)
 P28-151    $130  $60   GNS-430W (IFR Certified)



If you are investigating the cost of a private pilot's license, there are two important factors you must consider.

  • You should be aware that there are no set costs for the license. The cost of the course is based on how long (flight time and ground instruction) it takes you to learn the material and become proficient in the maneuvers required to pass the flight test, also known as a Practical Test. Time to completion varies. The FAA minimum is 40 hours of flight time. The national average is about 70 hours.
  • You can have an impact on the amount of time it takes you to finish. The major considerations are the number of times per week that you fly, how well you prepare for each lesson, and the quality of your flight instruction. A good benchmark is to initially fly as often as you can adequately prepare for a lesson. Three times a week until solo flight usually sufficient, then twice a week after that.

The table below sums the general costs for a license based a student who requires 40, 55 or 70 hours to become proficient enough to pass the practical (flight) test. These costs include all the items for which you would normally expect incur a cost. Note that the below costs are indicative of a C-172M or C-172N model. For training in the C-152 subtract $15 per hour of flight time.


Item Sub Item

40 Hours



55 Hours



70 Hours


Dual Instruction  Plane (C172) 30 $4020 40 $5360 55 $7270
  Instructor 30 $1800 40 $2400 55 $3300
Ground Instruction Flight Mvrs 8 $480 10 $600 15 $900
  Pre and Post 10 $600  12  $720  15  $900
Solo Flight   10 $1340 15 $2010 15  $2170
GIFT Software     $500   $500   $500
Supplies Books, etc   $100   $100   $100
  Headset   $200   $200   $200
  AFD, Sectionals   $30   $30   $30
Class III Medical     $125   $125   $125
Written Test     $165   $165   $165
Practical Test Examiner   $500   $500   $500
  Aircraft 1.5 $201  1.5 $201  1.5 $201
Total Cost   40 hours  $10,061 55 hours  $13,011 70 hours






Earning a pilot\'s certificate is a thrilling experience as well as a significant accomplishment. It is also expensive. Should financing be needed, we are registered with Pilot Finance. You should contact them directly for information about your specific needs.