Shannon School of Aeronautics

Pilot Information Files


The Flight School often publishes Pilot Information Files to deal with items of concern for pilots, that are not appropriate for a change to the Flight School's SOP. These notices are kept in a binder under the maintenance board. Pilots MUST check to ensure that he or she is aware of all information contained in the folder. If a PIF is updated or added, it is always placed on top. This way, if you open the book and have read the top entry, you can be assured that nothing had been added. Here are SOME of the PIFs currently contained in the book. As time permits, others will be added.


Jan 1, 2020

Updated SOP
16-1 Fuel Levels
12-10 Training Area Communications
11-10 Ramp Parking
10-10 Tie Down Knot
10-9 Closing Aircraft Doors
9-10 Jump Starting Aircraft
8-10 Tow Bars
7-11 Landing Runway 6