Shannon School of Aeronautics

Commercial Training

JLS Aviation instructors are qualified to instruct students toward a Commercial License. This training is offered under Part 61. This short narrative will hopefully answer some basic questions.

Qualifications to earn a commercial pilot certificate require several prerequisites. First, you must be at least 18 years old to earn a commercial license. The FAA requires a minimum of 250 hours of flight time under Part 61. However, prospective students should be aware that these are only regulatory minimums, and that taking the practical test is based on demonstrating all the necessary skills. Each student learns differently, so times vary for each student. A commercial license requires a degree of precision, coordination and skill that exceeds the standarts for a private pilot. Additionally, a commercial student must meet certain additional night and cross country requirements, as well as a training requirement in a complex or in a technically advanced aircraft.

Ground School. The flight school does not conduct a formal ground school of instruction toward completing the commerical license. Students are asked to complete the course of instruction in one of two ways. One way is to enroll through the flight school in the Jeppesen on line ground school. The cost of the course is $199. The other way is to purchase the Instrument/Commerical Part 141 Kit and complete the ground school lessons in accordance with the syllabus. JLS Aviation uses test questions found on the FAA Knowledge Test for each subject area.


You may start instruction at any time. Flight times are based upon mutual availability of you and your primary instructor. You pay for flights as you go based on an hourly rate for both the instructor and the aircraft. To begin, contact the Chief Instructor at the Flight School. He will match your availability with an instructor and you may begin immediately.


Our training is based upon the Jeppesen Training Syllabus. If you already meet many of the training requirements, you may benefit from taking the training under Part 61, which will allow us to credit your flight hours toward your rating.


Some fortunate individuals find themselves in the position of having access to or owning an aircraft. At JLS Aviation, using your aircraft for your instruction is possible. The airplane must meet airworthiness standards, be in a condition acceptable to the primary instructor and the Chief Instructors, and contain instrumentation and controls appropriate for the rating or license sought.