Shannon School of Aeronautics

Instrument Training

CloudsThe Flight School offers training toward an instrument rating. Periodically we offer instrument ground school instruction as well. The training is conducted using the Jeppesen Instrument Syllabus in one of several C-172 / PA-28 aircraft. The school offers instruction on the Garmin 430 W GPS and all the Flight School's aircraft are IFR certified. Instrument training is offered under FAR Part 61. The school also has a certified Redbird Advanced Aviation Training simulator that can be credited as instrument instruction toward an instrument rating and can also be used for instrument approaches toward instrument currency.


For those who wish to fly a faster more complex aircraft, Shannon School of Aeronautics offers a complex transition course leading to an endorsement allowing a pilot to fly in complex aircraft. Given that a pilot is current and proficient, this training can usually be accomplished in about 10-15 hours of flight time.


For those who wish to take their learning to a new level, Shannon School of Aeronautics offers flight and ground training leading to certification as a flight instructor. This instruction is ground intensive and students should expect to spend a considerable amount of time researching their class presentations and "practice teaching."


Shannon School of Aeronautics offers both Flight Reviews and IPC's.  If you own your own aircraft, we may be willing to conduct the review or check in your aircraft, depending on what you own and the instructor's familiarity with the aircraft. Scheduling a Flight Review is as easy as calling the Flight School, and can usually be accommodated fairly quickly.


Shannon School of Aeronautics offers flight training that can be credited toward the new Wings Program. Several of our instructors are currently accredited to validate Wings training. We encourage all pilots to participate in this worthwhile program.