Shannon School of Aeronautics

Instructors Applications

JLS Aviation accepts applications for flight instructors at any time. Hired flight instructors are employees and enjoy flexibility in terms of scheduling and off time. Each flight instructor is asked to complete a written contract with the Flight School outlining procedures and expectations. The Flight School seeks instructors who have integrity in their personal conduct, who have excellent teaching skills, will promote a culture of safety and proficiency, and are customer oriented.

Flight instructors work on a "most time" basis. Availability at the rate of at least 30 hours per week is required. The flight school currently operates both a C-152 and an Ercoupe 415 C/D. The best applicants will be able to instruct in both these aircraft. Current flight instructors are those who have completed training through the flight school and demonstrate the skills and attributes articulated above. Hiring "in house" minimizes the amount of familiarization and training required to bring an "outside" flight instructor to full capability.

Student scheduling is accomplished through an on-line scheduling system that affords students an opportunity to reserve both an aircraft and an instructor for a given time period. Our current affiliation with Liberty University and accreditation with the VA have ensured that the school routinely has sufficient students for the number of instructors employed.

Compensation for flight instruction is rewarded based on two important criteria. First, pay is adjusted for the amount of time an instructor actively teaches. Second, pay is increased by establishing a track record of completing student training and achieving a high percentage of first-time passes on practical tests.

All instructors are asked to complete an initial check ride in a Flight School aircraft, and if successful, may then teach students seeking appropriate ratings in that make and model of aircraft. Check rides are then conducted annually, or in additional aircraft or for additional privileges as desired by the instructor. Each instructor is expected to apply and teach the course syllabi published by Jeppesen, Inc, and to adhere to the standards established under CFR Part 141. Additional courses are available from the school for courses not covered by Jeppesen. The Flight School continually receives requests from prospective students for flight instruction. The Chief Instructor assigns students after considering availability, experience and other relevant factors. Instructors are encouraged to recruit students independently and may then retain those students for instructional purposes.

Applications or questions regarding employment should be directed to the Chief Instructor, Jim Stover. An Instructor Application is available for downloading.